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Email Marketing, illustration, blogging, options trading, Java cup brewing and skills associated with chef knife are all online courses that can be obtained from Skillshare during this wave of COVID 19

Class Central 

During this period where the world is experiencing challenges from the pandemic, class central is a platform for some online courses. The courses include: coding topics, literature, women studies, Ivy leagues and etc. 


This platform provides online courses in all things related to personal development, computer science, music, cooking and foreign languages among many others. 


Some educational institutions and different companies provides access to their courses online through Coursera. Such courses include art schools and Ivy leagues.  


Coding with Codeacademy customizes recommendations for various lessons on courses offered online. This will help those in need to code with the platform and get to learn new things. 


Edx has courses translated under multiple languages. There are more than 2500 courses including epidemics and literature among others. 

General Assembly 

Through it’s dash program(online), General Assembly provides coded courses. 

American Girl 

It provides mom tips together with daughters’ guide. Through the platform, one can learn online on the best way to take care of others through individual caring. 


Through fender play, individuals are able to subscribe and get lessons bass, guitar and ukulele. It uses videos guided by instructors who teach on the ways of playing songs from Shawn Mended, Sia to Zeppelin. 

Khan Academy 

It provides education that is world class to kids together with teens all over the world for free. 


Through edx and Linux, people can learn various courses pertaining from Information Technology. 

Spark Database 

This platform has several online courses pertaining programming and coding. This courses are available for anyone willing to take them. 

Photoshop Channel for training 

This channel provides free tutorials on photo editing. The course is important for anyone wishing to pursue the course as a side hustle.  

Organizing Formula 

In case you feel messed up in your life without a direction to take, organizing formula is an online course that helps one rearrange their stuff and put them in the right direction. The course is available in both Spanish and English by Caroline. 

Node Marketing 

Node Training is a platform that offers online courses (SEO training) for anyone who wants to start a website and blog. 

Vital Transformation 

While stuck at home, one can keep themselves busy with an online course that trains people to love themselves. With this, one can completely be transformed and live a happy life. 

Complexity (Introduction) 

This platform examines some of the tools that scientists apply to try and understand systems that are complex. It involves the use of hands on experience. 

Dance Studios (Fred Astaire) 

This platform has been developed to provide online courses on dance moves from experts on the same. 

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